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A(z) T.34 című videót Sirike nevű felhasználó töltötte fel a(z) film/animáció kategóriába. Eddig 16496 alkalommal nézték meg The T-34-85 was called pitkäputkinen Sotka, 'long-barreled Sotka'. The T-34 (German designation: T-34/76) was the original tank with 76.2 mm gun. Model 1940 (T-34/76A) — Early production run with interim L-11 76.2 mm tank gun in a two-man turret Model 1941 (T-34/76B) — Main production with heavier armour and the superior F-34 76.2 mm gu

The T-34 is a tank that was invented by the Russians beginning in the later 1930's which was produced just in time for deployment against Nazi Germany — just when all seemed hopeless in Russia — the deployment of this new tank which was a better and much more powerful than anything the Germans had. The T-34 initially caused disbelief on the. CLICK HERE: http://geni.us/JansonMediaYT to subscribe to Janson Media and get notified for more videos! We at Janson Media uploads on the daily so stay tuned.. T-34/76 model 1941/42, transition production from the STZ factory, Stalingrad, January 1942. Early production T-34/76 model 1941, with a makeshift sand painted camouflage, unknown unit, southern front, summer 1942. T-34/76 model 1941, Finnish sector, lake Ladoga, winter 1942/43. Notice the camouflage made of crossed white paint bands

T-34 used in the movie is the real veteran-tank. 4. Liked the movie because it is about brotherhood and courage, but not about soviet propaganda. Weak points. Smtms i didn't like CGI. But the movie is damn better than Fury . 88 out of 140 found this helpful A T-34/76 1941-ben állt hadrendbe. A már így is jelentős tűzerőt 1944-ben tovább növelték. A T-34/85-ös többek között a koreai, valamint az 1967-es és 1973-as arab-izraeli háborúkban is jelen volt. Nagyobb lövege miatt megnövelt méretű tornyot és vastagabb páncélzatot kapott. A típus a világháború szovjet.

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A T-34-es közepes harckocsi a második világháború háború egyik legendás fegyvere volt, ami az utódnak számtó T-54/55 után a legnagyobb számban gyártott harckocsi is egyben. A keleti fronttól az 1956-os forradalmon át az elmúlt hetven évben a legtöbb kontinensen bevetésre került A T-34 Model 1940 of the Moscow Rifles Guard Battalion, summer 1941 (with the L-11 76 mm gun). This three-tone camouflage pattern was quite rare and only appears in a handful of photographs. A T-34/76 model 1941 with a very unusual two-tone winter livery of the Soviet Red Guards, in the fall of 1941 (note the new F-34 76 mm gun) T-34-85 during the Manchurian Campaign, August 1945. Variants. An OT-34-85 of an unidentified unit, 1944. This was the standard flame-thrower variant. The hull machine-gun was replaced by an ATO-42 flame projector, capable of throwing napalm or other flammable liquids to a maximum distance of 100 m (330 ft). They saw extensive use against. T-34. The legend of the Soviet armored forces and the most widely-produced Soviet tank of World War II, with a total of 33,805 vehicles manufactured. Three variants of this model were produced at several Soviet factories from 1940 through 1944

A group of Russian soldiers held captive by the Germans try to escape their enemies by restoring a T-34 tank. T-34. Action Adventure. 1h 49m 2018 Russia Available until 30 June 2021. M. Play. The T-34 entry in to service in 1940 brought about immediate consideration as the most combat capable tank in the world. The vehicle was the perfect balance of speed, firepower and armor protection - three key assets of any successful tank design, even those being developed today T-34/76 & T34/85 in Combat: The Red Army's Legendary Medium Tank (Images of War) by Anthony Tucker-Jones | May 26, 2015. 4.1 out of 5 stars 49. Paperback $24.95 $ 24. 95. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Arrives before. The T34 is an American tier 8 premium heavy tank.. Developed in 1945 as a modernization of the T30 heavy tank. The vehicle was equipped with the 120 mm T53 gun and the new Continental AV-1790 engine A T-34-85 egy különös kialakítású tornyot kapott, ami szintjéhez elegendő védelmet biztosít, ám tier 7-8-ban már csak a vak nem üti be. Számokban ez 90/75/52 mm. Alább látható egy ábra a torony páncélvastagságairól: Látótávja alapon 360 méter, míg Ventilátor+BIA esetleg periszkóp (távcső) használatával 469 méter

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The T-34 was a tank that played a vital role in the Soviet Union's defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two. The footage was posted on Facebook by Sergey Kavry, a member of the World Wildlife Fund. Rendeljen ZEGAN T-34 távirányítós tank infra lövéssel 1/28 játékot! 484 DB 5 CSILLAGOS VÁSÁRLÓI ÉRTÉKELÉS az Árukeresőn! 96,24% ajánlaná ismerősének a boltot

The T-34-57 is a rank III Soviet medium tank with a battle rating of 4.3 (AB) and 4.7 (RB/SB). It was introduced during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41.The 57mm ZiS-4 gun can prove to be formidable at its battle rating, providing a noticeable improvement in penetration power, better aerodynamics and faster fire rate than the 76mm caliber T-34's of the similar Battle. A T-34 több verzióban létezett. A használati idő alatt a harckocsit folyamatosan tökéletesítették, figyelembe véve a harci tapasztalatokat és az ellenség új fejlesztésű fegyvereit. Ebben a fejezetben a konstrukció alapvető módosításait és azok okait The T-34 Tank was a medium tank used by the Soviets during World War II. 1 Call of Duty 1.1 Gallery 2 Call of Duty: United Offensive 3 Call of Duty: Finest Hour 4 Call of Duty: World at War 5 Call of Duty: World at War (DS) 6 Call of Duty: Black Ops III 7 Call of Duty: WWII In the original Call of Duty, two missions of the Russian campaign involve the player commanding a T-34-85 Medium Tank. Hisz nagyon magas volt a meghibásodási ráta - 1942-ben a T-34-ek 93%-a szenvedett valamilyen hibával, 1943-ra ez 86%-ra javult, míg 1944-re 70.6%. Az orosz elvárások is hasonlóak voltak, míg 1942-ben 66 km menet volt a követelmény ez később felkúszott 200-ra. Az USA-ba küldött tank is külön odafigyelés árán érte meg a 665. Teddies Tank RC 33 cm T-34/85 27MHz hanggal és fénnyel Légy a tank csata résztvevője a T-34/85 távirányítós tankkal.Az 1:28 méretarányos jármű nem csak közlekedik, hanem hang- és fényeffektusokat ad ki és lő is.A kabin 360° - ban forog

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  1. In panzer: Pz.III outclassed by the new Soviet T-34, which had a lethal 76.2-mm gun, sloping armour, and excellent speed and mobility. Even Pz. IIIs fitted with a high-velocity 50-mm gun and protected by armour 50-70 mm thick could not cope with the T-34, so the tanks were taken out of service o
  2. The T-34-2 was not an upgraded modification of the Soviet T-34 tank, but was a totally different vehicle. Chinese engineers conceived the T-34-2 as an analog of the Soviet T-54. Later the U.S.S.R. passed the technology of T-54 production to China, and the T-34-2 project was discontinued. T-34-2 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior
  3. Már korábban is szerettem volna préselt tornyos T-34-est építeni, a régi Tamiyát nézegettem, de közben megjelent a Zvezda új készlete. Nagy híve vagyok az új Zvezda harcjármű maketteknek, viszonylag olcsó, jól építhető, (hibáktól persze nem mentes) készletek
  4. During WW2, a young lieutenant assembles a courageous group of POWs to plan a daring escape from captivity. With the power of a half-destroyed T-34 tank, the brave men challenge an enemy battalion, ready to battle until the end
  5. T-34, directed by Alexey Sidorov and starring Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov, Vinzenz Kiefer, Irina Starshenbaum, was inspired by true World War II stories. In 1944, a courageous group of Russian soldiers managed to escape from German captivity in a half-destroyed legendary T-34 tank. Those were the times of unforgettable bravery, fierce fighting, unbreakable love, and legendary miracles

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In 1954, the Chinese government considered the possibility of launching production of the T-34-85 in China. At the same time, Chinese engineers proposed an alternative project: the T-34-1. While based on the T-34-85, the T-34-1's transmission compartment and suspension were to be rearranged, reducing the overall weight and lowering the hull. In 1954, several designs of the vehicle, with. Pages in category T-34 tanks This category contains only the following page. T-34; Media in category T-34 tanks The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. 2-T34 world operators 2012.png 1,600 × 812; 234 KB. T-34 Subtypes.jpg 1,362 × 1,351; 579 KB

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  1. The T-34 was an outstanding design, combining the attributes of speed, protection, and firepower in a vehicle that was simple for the Soviet arms industry to produce in quantity, and was not.
  2. A Soviet WW2-era medium tank. Russian medium tank of World War II and early after. It's well shaped armor, diesel engine and 76.2mm gun was a world beating combination during the early war period. It was also built in large numbers due to it's simple, yet crude design.Its armor configuration was influential in the design of the German Panther and RoyalTiger tanks
  3. T-34 is a 2018 Russian war movie directed by Aleksey Sidorov.. In the months following the opening stages of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, a lone T-34-76 crew lead by junior tank commander Nikolay Ivushkin (Alexander Petrov) is assigned to a small detachment of Soviet infantry to slow the German onslaught at the outskirts of Moscow.Finding themselves outnumbered and outgunned, the.
  4. T-34. During WW2, a young lieutenant assembles a courageous group of POWs to plan a daring escape from captivity. With the power of a half-destroyed T-34 tank, the brave men challenge an enemy battalion, ready to battle until the end

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T-34 - Soviet medium tank of the Great Patriotic War was produced in series since 1940. During 1942-1947 it served as the main tank of the Red Army and the USSR Armed Forces. It was the main tank of the Red Army until the first half of 1944, before entering the troops of its modification T-34-85 The latter choice was made and in March of 1953 the Model 45 was selected under the designation T-34 Mentor. Eventually a total of 450 T-34A s were built for the Air Force. A year later the first of 423 T-34B trainers were delivered to the U.S. Navy, these with increased horsepower The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank designed to be the successor of cavalry tanks like the BT series or the T-26. It became the mainstay of the Red Army's Armored divisions. 1 History 1.1 Development 1.2 Operational History 2 In Girls und Panzer 2.1 Anime 2.2 Manga 2.3 Der Film 2.4 Little Army 2 2.5 Phase Erika 2.6 Saga of Pravda 2.7 Das Finale 2.8 Gekkan Senshado Magazine 3 Trivia 4 Gallery The. T-34/85 Model 1944 Factory No 174 / 1:16 / Szovjetunió / Második világháború / Tankok / Katonai járművek és gépek / Ragasztható modellek

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T-34-85 - improved T-34 with 85 mm gun. Production of the T-34-85 began in February 1944. Bibliography J. M. Brereton: T-34/76, Armour in Profile Number 9 Ilj Akkumulátor nélkül is elindítható a T-34-es, ahogy a későbbi szovjet harckocsik is. A járműnek ugyanis működnie kell például farkasordító hidegben is, amikor az akkumulátorok lemerülnek vagy szétfagynak. A tank motorját ilyenkor egy palackban tárolt sűrített levegővel forgatják meg The T-34 was powered by the same 500-horsepower diesel engine that was used in the BT-7M Fast Tank. The T-34 had a top speed of 31 miles per hour and a range of 186 miles. Minor changes were made to the T-34 during the course of the war. A new turret configuration with two hatches was designed Kínál Lego Orosz T-34 Tank (Új): Eladó, saját csomagolásában, új, bontatlan állapotban. II.Világháború legnagyobb példányszámban legyártott harckocsijának részletesen kidolgozott koppintása. Lego Kompatibilis 5 db. figura + felszerelés +tank Tökéletes ajándék, és egyben kiegészítője lehet Lego City készleteknek. Személyesen Székesfehérváron vehető át, de.

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  1. The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank produced from 1940 to 1958. It was the world's best tank when the Soviet Union entered the Second World War, and although its armour and armament were surpassed by later WWII tanks, it is credited as the war's most effective, efficient and influential design. First produced at the KhPZ factory in Kharkov (Kharkiv, Ukraine), it was the mainstay of Soviet.
  2. The T-34 equipped with the 76mm gun (which is called the T-34/76 to distinguish it from the later T-34/85, though these designations were never used by the Red Army) was the tank which first faced the German invaders and which came as such an unpleasant surprise to the Wehrmacht
  3. T-34/85 Composite Turret. 112 Plant.Summer 1944 / 1:35 / Lengyelország / Második világháború / Tankok / Katonai járművek és gépek / Ragasztható modellek
  4. T-34 harci tank 2,4 ghz infravörös ágyúval Építsd meg a saját harci tankok készletét!Nagyon szeretne játszani a csatában? Tehát ez az interaktív tank jó választás!A tank fel van szerelve lövés szimulátorokkal , infravörös sugarak segítségével a második tartályt eltalálhatja. A lövés után hallják a katonák kiáltásait a tank 90 fokkal elfordul, így nem tud.
  5. T-34 VGHACHIKO. 4 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Dec 14, 2020 . About 3 hours ago . 1. 0 . 0 0 Show More. Show Less. advertisement. Upload Download Add to wardrobe Embed codes. Forum HTML Image Link. Image Link

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  4. A szovjet T-34-es közepes harckocsi, a német katonák

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